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Tyre Maintenance Services
We offer a range of services including Wheel Balancing,
Wheel Alignment, Puncture Repairs and Tyre Fitting

Wheel Balancing
We balance your wheels as part of the tyre fitting service that we offer and
is included in the price when buying new tyres with us here at the
Part Worn Tyre Warehouse.
Why do my wheels need balancing?
Having your tyres and wheels balanced is essential in ensuring that the
weight of your tyres and wheels are equally balanced and rotate smoothly
whilst you are driving at a high speed giving you -
• Better fuel consumption • Prolong tyre life • Provide even tyre wear
• Give your tyres and wheels better and more accurate road holding for a
smoother and safer journey
Wheel Alignment - Prices from £30.00
We recommend that you have your wheels aligned on the same day that
you have your new tyres fitted to ensure that you have optimum
performance and even tyre wear from your new tyre purchase.
What is wheel alignment?
Everyday driving over pot holes, speed humps and kerb clipping can alter
the alignment of your wheels. The results of this can give you the feeling
that your car is 'pulling' to one side whilst driving, fuel increase and uneven
wear of your tyres. Correct wheel alignment ensures:
• Your car has correct holding on the road for a safer and smoother journey
• Better fuel efficiency • Extends the life of your tyres for more mileage
Puncture Repair Service - Prices from £6.00
If you have a puncture in your car tyre it may be possible to have it
repaired. Before any tyre can be repaired our tyre technicians will
thoroughly inspect the affected tyre to ensure no additional damage has
been sustained, it is only after safety citeria has been met will we repair it
if it is safe to do so. Should the tyre be unsafe to repair we will give the
reasons why and suggest an alternative replacement to suit your budget.
Tyre Fitting Services
We can fit tyres purchased from other sources, prices are per tyre and are
for fitting only. Balancing and alignment of wheels are optional paid extras.
13" / 14" - £7.50
15" / 16" - £8.50
17" / 18" - £9.50
19" / 20" - £10.50
Tyre Labelling Information
The new EU tyre labelling system enables customers to compare the
different fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise levels of all new tyres purchased
using an A-G grading system. Grade A offers the best in performance results
in all categories whilst grades F and G offering poor performance. Based on
the results the customer can make an informed decision based on the kind
of driving that they do, the car they drive and the available budget for their
tyre purchase. To find the perfect tyre to suit your individual needs and budget
please give us a call on 01252 369922 or drop in and see us.

For more detailed information on EU tyre labelling please click here...